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Publications : An open laboratory, a workshop and a living space: La MYNE in Villeurbanne

This article, written collectively by the members of the La MYNE community, relates their experience born of the desire to create frameworks for the reappropriation of action research around the themes of ecological transition. La MYNE is a third place that combines the functions of an open source laboratory, a manufacturing workshop and a living space. It is plural in its orientations and practices, and focuses in particular on experimentation

Publications : The Myne – the UFO of the third places

Text: Laury-Anne Cholez Translated by Connie Chow-Petit, excerpted from Socialter Magazine, Hors Série issue – Le guide des travailleurs indépendant 2019. In the suburbs of Lyon, the La Myne laboratory welcomes researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs to experiment and invent. And fight against the precariousness of the self-employed through an innovation of their own accord: a Community permanent contract. La Myne The Myne begins with an enigma. Usually, to understand the

Publications : THIRD-PLACES : A MODEL TO FOLLOW? MYNE : for an ability to act as a citizen

Translated by Connie Chow-Petit, this Interview is excerpted from Observatoire magazine Issue No.52 Summer 2018 under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 4.0. Interview with Lisa PignotBenjamin Chow-Petit, Connie Chow-Petit,La Myne members The Manufacture of Ideas and New Experiments (MYNE), based in Villeurbanne, is a citizen research laboratory working on the co-construction of experimental projects for sustainable lifestyles by and for civil society: “Join the MYNE” is to reclaim and do-it-yourself in