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Publications : CDI Communautaire : An experiment in community employment contracts.

By Connie & Benjamin Chow-Petit et Nicolas LoubetTranslated by: Connie Chow-Petit, Licence : CC by-SA International 4.0 Towards a Community permanent contract, “Le CDI Communautaire” La Myne is a citizen laboratory, a community and a free and open source third place (TiLiOS). Its vocation is to support citizens who experiment with the future and act on transitions (habitat, food, energy, etc.), each in their own way (technical, artistic, scientific, etc.),

Publications : The Myne – the UFO of the third places

Text: Laury-Anne Cholez Translated by Connie Chow-Petit, excerpted from Socialter Magazine, Hors S̩rie issue РLe guide des travailleurs ind̩pendant 2019. In the suburbs of Lyon, the La Myne laboratory welcomes researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs to experiment and invent. And fight against the precariousness of the self-employed through an innovation of their own accord: a Community permanent contract. La Myne The Myne begins with an enigma. Usually, to understand the