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Publications : CDI Communautaire : An experiment in community employment contracts.

By Connie & Benjamin Chow-Petit et Nicolas LoubetTranslated by: Connie Chow-Petit, Licence : CC by-SA International 4.0 Towards a Community permanent contract, “Le CDI Communautaire” La Myne is a citizen laboratory, a community and a free and open source third place (TiLiOS). Its vocation is to support citizens who experiment with the future and act on transitions (habitat, food, energy, etc.), each in their own way (technical, artistic, scientific, etc.),

Publications : Interview on Community Health with Sylvia Fredriksson

Translated by Connie Chow-Petit from an interview in May 2021. Published on 21 July 2021 originally here : For many years, Connie and Benjamin Chow-Petit have been actively involved in the transformations of society triggered by makers, hackers and third-party movements, particularly in the legal, economic, informational and technical fields, and around the issues of governance, citizenship and benevolence. They are co-creators of the OpenARA network, the Oxamyne cooperative,

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We strive to respond to societal challenges by connecting people, organisations, technologies and ideas in order to generate, adapt and validate constructive dynamics. Depending on the challenges, our own role emerges – and it varies greatly as a result. We are contributors to several commons initiatives, notably the the citizen laboratory & third place, La MYNE,  in Villeurbanne, France. For 20 years, we have been involved in Hacker ecosystems, then