One of the Possible futures is one where patterns of complexity are understood on a deep level, and where living system design could encompass biological, technological, mathematical, societal, epistemological and cognitive systems.

We strive to respond to societal challenges by connecting people, organisations, technologies and ideas in order to generate, adapt and validate constructive dynamics. Depending on the challenges, our own role emerges – and it varies greatly as a result.

We are contributors to several commons initiatives, notably the citizen laboratory & third place, La MYNE,  in Villeurbanne, France.

Our dream is to find the keys to help create desirable futures, as entrepreneurs, architects, inventors, or executors; or even simply, attentive learners and observers.

For 20 years, we have been involved in Hacker ecosystems, then Makers, FabLabs and third places. We were members of the collegial council of  La MYNE, founding team members at Third Place Making, and co-founders of the Oxamyne cooperative and Coexiscience, and we are equally involved in other numerous territorial dynamics – including social, technological, legal-financial innovation, scientific research, and the commons.

We also enjoy sharing collaborative meals, writing, music, and martial arts.

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