“Connecting Individual and Societal Change” via SSIR

We came across a comprehensive and well sourced article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on fostering inner wellbeing of social changemakers.

Here is an excerpt :

“Disaster relief workers, activists, social entrepreneurs, health-care providers, teachers, and others actively weaving the healthy, just, and caring fabric of our society live and work at the heart of great challenges. But even as these change makers find solutions and make progress, many are burning out and experiencing a host of personal challenges such as depression, divorce, and the early onset of chronic disease. Behind the scenes, many agents of change—at all organizational levels and in regions all over the world—are struggling. At the same time, we are far from meeting the social and environmental challenges of our day; we need to unlock more collaboration and more innovation. Finding ways to address the personal challenges change makers face is therefore important not only because it matters in and of itself, but also because it has the potential to drive more effective social change.”

Highly recommended reading for any organisation !

Here is the link to the article in full,