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Last updated June 29th, 2018

This is our updated In Brief regarding our personal and professional activities. The production of this document allows for us to concentrate on where we can have the most impact, be the most optimal and useful; it also allows for a more balanced view of our activities categorised into 3 main areas that are communicable.

These last years have been incredibly exploratory and chaotic. This level of chaos, if productive in creativity, also entails lots of unreliability, failures, cognitive overload and uncompleted projects.
It was a necessary phase to gather information about ourselves and the environment.
Reintroducing order in our work isn’t easy — it took more than 2 months to evaluate our activities and methodologies to finally consolidate everything.

Now we have to test it.

I — Hybridization hubs

We attribute 4 blocks of 2.5 hours per week to La Myne, Oxamyne and Coexiscience, as these 3 represent the core of our activities.

They are communities, places and configurations based on the commons that allow very different people and organisations to meet, experiment and cooperate on pretty much anything (resources, lifestyle, learning, projects, research, business, activities…).

La Myne

  • Third place & Hacker space, dealing openly with pretty much anything
  • Sciences, arts, lifestyles, whatever one wants
  • The closest to our hearts and a source of constant creativity 🙂
  • Current priority: Stabilize the communities without loosing the dynamic



  • Third place, with a focus on Open Science
  • Closer to institutions & academia, more classic & ordered than la Myne.
  • Less freedom, but more stability, so a nice complementarity !
  • Current priority: Managing the FEDER budget in a open co-operative way

II — R&D Topics

We attribute 3 blocks of 2.5 hours per week to R&D. These are the 5 areas of R&D that emerged from our interactions with the hybridization hubs as priorities.

1: Régie de santé / Régie de données

We need to build a cooperative régie, around personal, collective and public health.

We favor an integrative view of health. We enjoy experimenting on ourselves before creating a whoopsie bio-engineered disease upon the world, lol. Includes: P6 medicine (Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, Participatory, Psycho-cognitive, and Public), Quantified Self, Systemic medicine, Sports (in our case, martial arts), meditation, nutrition, environmental monitoring, socialization and activities, and economical health.

As it involves lots of data, this régie de santé will involve experimenting on the wider concept of ‘régie de données’ (data governance organisation), that can be co-developped with other projects like DAISEE in the energy sector.

Current priority: Mature the scientific & services documentation

2: Adaptocracy

R&D on a new model of governance called Adaptocracy. Inspired by aspects of Holacracy, as well as Sociocracy, and elements from the Commons and Open concepts.

We empirically experiment on the very concepts that we use, as individuals, as societies, to interact, experiment, build, share & use knowledge in our complex world.

It entails Open & Citizen Sciences, sustainability, law and economy just as much as lifestyles.

Adaptocracy is a governance model built as a complex adaptive system, able to adapt and be used at an individual’s level, and able as well to form resilient structures. We built it as a means to integrate constraints potentially in opposition.

Current priority: Build interfaces for contributors

3: Lifestyle & Lifecaring Philosophy

A ‘Life by Design’ Framework and Philosophy built on living systems

Maintaining a healthy, thriving couplehood tops our lists of priorities. Our long term goals mean that we are required to be in our best condition individually and together. A lifestyle is also something that can be researched & developed

Our philosophical & political affiliation is universal in nature, but deeply hybrid in its’ make up. We use Lifecaring as the framework that guides us in what and how we should proceed in relating and reflecting on pressing topics at hand: multi-stakeholder situations, open source, the commons, complexity thinking. It is an adaptive and emergent vision that aims at complex problem-solving capacities.

Current priority: Exchange through Philo Café before writing

4: Knowledge Dynamics

The dynamics of knowledge represent a core challenge for anyone. From data to intelligence, to cognition and epistemology, we try to aggregate and experiment with tools and practices that can interact positively with human mind and challenges.

Adaptative Learning

We explore the possibilities of unique learning experiences that emphasize and nurture the many working parts of learning in a knowledge-based community (peer-to-peer, digital, experience-based, hands-on, cooperative, etc.).

Information Technologies

We maintain an awesome curated tools list, of tools we use in interrelation.
A lot of the R&D here will relate to collaboration, cooperation, integration, open science, documentation and UX.
Right now, we’re mostly expert users, but it will definitely evolve in R&D.

Current priority: Moving from expert user to R&D


We developed an intelligence process to keep up to date in general. We specifically curate intelligence for and around Adaptocracy, Health Dynamics, Knowledge Dynamics, Oxamyne and Lifecaring.
Right now, we’re mostly consumers, moving toward being producers.

Current priority: Moving from consumers to producers

5: Legal & Financial Framework

Hybrid work models

La R&D d’OxaMyne

A lot of this R&D is through Oxamyne. It mainly relate to hybrid entrepreneurship and creating relevant legal and financial tools.

Current priority: See Oxamyne

Financial strategies

We help people and projects develop business models.

Financial documentation: Strategies & Plan

We also document a part of our financial strategies, as they might be reusable. This document will integrate personal, lifestyle elements as well as community finances. This is more short guidelines and selections than an actual R&D project at this stage.

Current priority: Build business models in the community


A reciprocity agreement is a new model of peer-to-peer contract that incorporates the free expression of the parties, as well as their formal commitments. It is born of a need in collaborative environments to bring order to informal and contributory relationships as well as bring chaos to formal and commercial relationships.

Our work here is dual:

Current priority: Collect needs in the community to identify reciprocities

III — Our SMARTified contributions to projects

We have reserved two blocks of 2.5 hours per week to contribute to other projects.

SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely, as it is very easy in our ecosystems to get dispersed.

Name of the project — What they do — Our next contribution block

  • DAISEE — Energy as a Commons
    Find how we can best contribute to DAISEE
  • The Commons — Commons movement & initiatives
    Help finalize the Fabrique des Communs event report
  • Restos du Cœur — Food distribution NGO
    Volunteer work
  • Cybersecurity — 1 day cybersecurity training similar to First Aid certification
    Find the geometry of collabaration that could make that happen
  • littleBits Lyon — STEAM, electronic & Adaptative learning
    Animate workshop
  • Blockchain & University of Lyon — Institutionalized blockchain hub ?
    Prepare an executive summary to test the waters
  • Habitat & Humanisme — Housing & Insertion NGO
    Volunteer work, determine where we can best contribute
  • Indiehosters — Open & Free software based hosting company
    Design commercial offers for them, so they can be tested
  • La Myne-as-a-service
  • Data viz
  • Training & Events
  • Custom dev à la Gigster (inc. data viz & nice UXs)


Collaborative meals are something we enjoy doing at least once or twice a week at la Myne or elsewhere. Cooking together is a great way to bond, especially with people we just met. Our cooking style based on a blend of mediterranean and asian traditions (mediterrasian), which is healthy, cheap and eco-friendly.

Martial Arts

We started practicing martial arts. We mix our approaches, following the principles of Bruce Lee. We are members of Club du Rhône, which offers 17 disciplines. We mostly practice mixed martial arts, including for example Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu / Sanda and Kali.

Topics : articles, lifecaring, world issues, global demands, community, governance, economy, health, complexity.

By Connie & Benjamin Chow-Petit

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

More about C & B

One possible future is where complexity patterns are understood at a deep level and where ecosystemic design may encompass biological, technological, mathematical, societal, epistemological and cognitive systems.

We therefore strive to respond to societal challenges through ecosystem design; By connecting people, organizations, technologies and ideas to generate solutions. Depending on needs and opportunities, our own roles emerge as entrepreneurs, architects, inventors or performers; Or even simply, attentive observers and learners.

We are currently active in:

Education, Health, Technology, Art, Gastronomy, Philosophy, Complexity, Policies, Futurology, Society, World Peace …

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